Four Seasons have been a conservatory specialist since 1992 and have assisted hundreds of homeowners design and build the conservatory of their dreams.
Elegant designs
Although the conservatory is part of our Victorian heritage, it can be made to look Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian in style.

Modern PVC-U faithfully emulates the painted white finish of the traditional Victorian conservatory. Alternatively, the rich woodgrain finish combines the natural beauty of wood with modern low maintenance requirements. We can also construct conservatories in aluminium and traditional timber.

Four Seasons conservatories have excellent thermal insulation properties and several heating systems are available.

Integral wiring
Four Seasons conservatories are designed to accept concealed wiring to give complete flexibility in your choice of lighting and electrical supply.

A choice of high security locking devices and fittings are available.

Weather resistance
Double weather stripping keeps the warm air in and cold air out.

Thermoframe PVC-U does not support fire and is considered a self extinguishing material.

PVC-U profiles are manufactured to BS7413 kitemark standards.

Trickle ventilation is provided to provide a constant stream of air.
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